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We're a small operation based in Maricopa, about 16 miles southeast of the metro Phoenix area. Our household includes two Jack Russell terriers, two Jack-Chi females and a terrier-Chichauhau mix.


Pebbles and Jill may be the biological mommas, there's no doubt that owner RuthAnn Hogue takes an active role in co-parenting and socializing each puppy to bond with humans. Puppies often sit on her lap, play with her feet or show off their puppy style while she does human things such as writing for websites or updating Facebook.

Meet the Parents

Boys - $300

Girls - $350

Cash Only. $50 deposit required to hold a Jack-Chi puppy.

Payment in full is required to take delivery of any Jack-Chi puppy.

We're cute. And we're smart. All in one small package. You provide the lap. We'll provide the snuggle.

We won't take up too much space. A small kennel and a warm dog bed will do. Well, that and a doggie dish for puppy kibble and water.

We've been loved since before we were born. We don't know anything but happiness (except for that time Bandit bit Cinnamon's tail). Hey, it's what little puppies do.

Jack-Chis are Recognized by

American Canine Hybrid Club,

Designer Dogs Kennel Club and International Designer Canine Registry®.

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